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2003 - 2020

Sadly, we lost Financial Instition just before Christmas. Special thanks to SVE and his team of veterinarians, Dr Beau Beck, Dr Jordan Hammer and Dr Jeff Monroe. They made sure he had the best of care and kept him comfortable to the end. Also, a special thanks to Andy Fishburn and Heritage Ranch for caring for him and handling him during breeding seasons. He always came home as soft and kind as he was when he was when he went to them. He was a remarkable horse and will surely be missed. It was a privilege to be associated with him."

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Black Cat, she guards the barn


Kai 2009-2022

   We lost Kai in April and surely miss her.

   She was the kindest, most gentle and patient dog ever.

   She has taken up residence with Turbo and now we have 2 guardian angels





2001 - 2020

    Judy's constant companion for 19 years.

  She was truly one of a kind, a hundred pound dog in a ten pound suit.

    Forever loved and missed and never forgotten

We are 20 miles north of Salt Lake in Kaysville, Utah, just east of the Great Salt Lake.
We believe that it is  our responsibility to improve upon the horses we have and not just produce babies.

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